The List representation consists of a list of links to domain object §C14 or domain service §C15 resources. Typically it is obtained as the result of invoking a query action, when it is in-lined within the action result representation §C19.4. It is also be obtained directly from the Services resource §B7, when it provides a list of links to domain service resources; the only difference is that the "href" will be a link to a domain service resource §C15 rather than a domain object resource §C14.

The media type for a list representation will always be one of:

  • application/json;profile="…/list"

    • for a list of references to domain services

  • application/json;profile="…/action-result";x-ro-element-type="…"

    • when in-lined within an action result (ie the representation of an action invocation that returned a list).

Lists of references to domain objects also appear in the object-collection representation; that representation is described in full in §C17.5.

The representation itself consists of the following json-properties:

  "value": [
  "links": [ {
      "rel": "self",
    }, {
      "rel": ".../element-type",
  "extensions": { ... }


JSON-Property Description


list of links to resources.


(optional) link to the resource that generated this list. Present only for domain services.


link to the domain type for the elements within the list – if the "domainModel" optional capability §B8 is implemented.


the actual list of links to the domain object resources (or domain service resources)


additional information about the resource.

A "self" link will be present only if the representation was generated from the domain services resource §B7.

Restful Objects defines no standard child properties of the "extensions" json-property. Implementations are free to add to their own links/json-properties to "links" and "extensions" as they require.